One of my 2012 fitness goals is to be able to complete the BBR’s (Bar-barian Requirements)  The requirements are as follows:

5 muscle ups
45 body weight dips
25 pull ups
55 push ups
5 muscle ups

The sets need to be continuous (can’t drop off the bar after 15 and then do another 10), utilize good form (hitting the L on dips and push ups, chin to bar with good extension on pull ups), and to be declared a true Bar-barian it all needs to happen in no more than 6 minutes of time, including rest between sets.

It is a tall order for anyone to accomplish, not to mention some middle aged guy that has a body more suited to basketball than elite body weight skills.

Anyway, to start the long climb I have been doing a self proclaimed “guts” program prior to each work out at the gym.  Guts designates the three middle exercises of the BBR’s, dips, pull ups and push ups.  I have been trying to do my one continuous set max for each exercise back to back with minimal rest.

My numbers have been slowly creeping up, right now I am at 36 dips, 20 pull ups and 43 push ups.  It is pretty amazing just how tired you can get in the span of a few minutes maxing these three movements out in succession.

I am tracking my progress here, you are free to check it out.