Keep your chin up

chin-ups[1]So as I mentioned yesterday chin ups appear to not aggravate my left forearm the way pull ups do.  The change in palm direction must make all the difference.  I included sets of chin ups in my back/shoulder focused work out.  As I expected, getting out three sets of chins felt very tough.  I had my hands only 6-8 inches apart while doing them which just doesn’t allow my lats to engage nearly as much as when I use a wider grip for pull ups.  As a result just getting 15 chin ups on my first set felt close to my limit.

I also barely managed to press 135 pounds over my head while standing.  I can do more from the seated position but getting two big plates overhead while standing feels tougher overall.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

15 chin ups

Standing overhead barbell shoulder press – 95lbs x 10

10 chin ups

Standing overhead barbell shoulder press – 115lbs x 6

10 chin ups

Standing overhead barbell shoulder press – 135lbs x 1

Seated cable row – 100lbs x 12

Standing dumbbell shoulder shrugs – 80lbs x 10

Seated cable row – 120lbs x 10

Standing dumbbell shoulder shrugs – 90lbs x 8

Seated cable row – 140lbs x 6

Standing dumbbell shoulder shrugs – 100lbs x 6

Cybex plate loaded seated pull down – 225lbs x 8




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