wipe-your-sweat-off-bench-machines[1]It’s been awhile since I came up with a new nickname for unique gym goers but today the drought is over, meet the Sweat Brothers.  Most gyms have guys like this and they all have a lot of the same traits like being overly sweaty, very vocal, and more often than not sporting a tribal style tattoo around one of their biceps.

Most of those traits are fine, they don’t really effect me that much in a direct manner.  Well the Sweat Brothers in addition to having these traits had one more that was really disgusting, they felt no need to wipe down any equipment they used.

When I finished up my sets on a bench that was right next to one they vacated before I started it literally looked like a glazed donut, even after sitting there for a good 10 minutes untouched.  The glaze was the various dried bodily fluids they deposited on the bench.  It wasn’t just a little bit like the picture above, the entire bench was coated.

I have special dark part of my heart that gets tweaked when individuals treat a shared public space like their personal toilet.  I just can’t even begin to understand how somebody thinks such behavior could be ok.  For the short term I am hoping the gym staff intercepts this behavior and educates the Sweat Brothers on the use of the cleaning materials that are stationed throughout the gym.  If they wind up coating a piece of equipment that I plan to use then I will have to do my best to ask them to clean up after themselves in a pleasant way.  This is something I am not good at. If you are doing something that pisses me off, I have no poker face.

During my workout today I discovered a few things.  First, I evidently tweaked my shoulder bench pressing on Monday.  I stopped my bodyweight dips after rep 3 due to pretty significant pain.  Second, I found that I still have forearm pain in my left arm doing pull ups that cut me down to one 15 rep set.  Third, I realized that if I turn my hands around and do chin ups instead if pull ups the forearm pain is not there.  I have always been weaker in my chin ups versus pull ups so I guess this will be a good opportunity for me to start evening those numbers up.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

15 pull ups

Skull crusher tricep extensions – 60lbs x 12

Standing dumbbell bicep curls – 25lbs x 12

Skull crusher tricep extensions – 70lbs x 10

Standing dumbbell bicep curls – 40lbs x 8

Skull crusher tricep extensions – 90lbs x 5

Standing dumbbell bicep curls – 50lbs x 3

Seated dumbbell one arm overhead tricep extensions – 20lbs x 12

Chin ups x 8

Seated dumbbell one arm overhead tricep extensions – 25lbs x 10

Chin ups x 8

Seated dumbbell one arm overhead tricep extensions – 30lbs x 7

Chin ups x 8

Standing cable tricep push down – 110lbs x 10

Standing cable bicep curl – 100lbs x 10

Standing cable tricep push down – 120lbs x 8

Standing cable bicep curl – 110lbs x 10