I forgot to mention that I finally got around to making some stability improvements to the parallelettes that Lou so kindly sent to me.  The bars are attached to the 4×4 base sections using a small flange that is inserted into the end.  Well there was only one bolt holding it in place.

This arrangement allowed the bars to shift slightly left and right depending on what stress you put on them.

My solution to this was to drill a hole perpendicular to the original and insert a second bolt, lock washer and nut on it.

The operation was pretty straight forward.  My biggest concern was I didn’t have much real estate to drill the second hole.  The flange did not extend very far up into the pipe so I had to drill below the first bolt.

After I finished up I did some quick testing followed up with some L-sit to planche reps last night.  The bars felt rock solid, just as I hoped.  I really do love these parallelettes.

On Monday I received another item from a distant bar enthusiast, this time all the way from the U.K.

Fi, (short for Fiona) sent me an old t-shirt that she took ownership of during her days working in the video game industry.  I saw her posting that it was up for grabs on Facebook.

I already have a small collection of items from bar enthusiasts from around the globe, including a Bar-barians shirt from Zef, a Crossfit Clitheroe hoody from Lee (U.K. as well) and a Crossfit Islander t-shirt from Dawalli who runs a gym in Newfoundland.  This shirt will join the list of “keep forever” clothing items.

Fi is unique as she is a female bar enthusiast.  Although there are a growing amount of women that are getting involved in the community, they are a very small minority currently.

Fi is EXTREMELY motivated in her work outs.  I know her efforts make me want to push hard.

She runs a great fitness blog, if you want to check it out look here.

Fi recently got her first muscle up, you should congratulate her.

Despite my nasty looking injury from my dip crash it doesn’t seem to be much of a problem when working out.  The only thing that was annoying was making sure the scabbed bruise was not rubbing against my body.  Otherwise I feel 100% functional.