Last night after work I saw I had a box leaning against my front door, I was excited to see my Shamrock Triple Gym had arrived.

I saw the Triple Gym in a banner ad on YouTube last week.  It is a doorway based bar system with a twist, it includes dip bars as well.

I wasted little time before I started putting it together as I was anxious to try it out.  I had my Flip cam rolling as I hoped my review would be the first one to hit YouTube.

Assembly was easy although the directions for the made in China product were comically sparse.  I had it together in less than 10 minutes. I hung the main part of it on the doorway and gave it a try.

Beside the dip bars, the Triple Gym uses an elevated pull up bar that sits above the door frame, giving tall guys like me more room below.  When I do pull ups on the Iron Gym my knees are hanging just an inch or two above floor level.  With the Triple Gym the bar is about 10-12 inches higher.

I grabbed on and did a full reps.  The bar felt good to pull on.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to pound out fast explosive reps on it but it felt great doing controlled reps.

I then hung the dip bar portion and did more reps.  Again, it felt surprisingly solid and comfortable to push on.  The dip bars have three different width adjustments so you can tailor them to your liking.

I then unwrapped the cheap strap handles and tried them out for hanging push ups and Australian pull ups.  Despite the low quality straps, the exercise felt effective and good.

Overall my impression of the Triple Gym is very positive.  I can literally think of dozens of body weight exercises I could do on it using the various bars, handles and strap positions available.  For instance I can see the low bar between the dip handles being an awesome way to train levers since you are low to the floor.

Check out my full review below.