So I went back after my GUTS routine today at the gym.  I had a one day hiatus since I needed all of my gym time yesterday to complete my squat/running duo.  I figured the day off would give the GUTS muscles some time to rest and I would come back stronger.

Well it didn’t happen.  After grinding out a few extra dips I fell short on my pull ups, only getting 18 reps instead of the 20 I pulled Tuesday.  Falling short on the pull ups seemed to defeat me mentally in the push ups, I called it quits after straining to get rep 36. Oh well.

Today was also bi’s and tri’s day at the gym.  For my triceps I decided to do the routine Metin posted the other day, tricep “stairs” .  Basically you put your hands close together on either a bench or a bar and lean down so your head sinks below the level of your hands, then, using only your triceps you push yourself back up.

The stair moniker comes from the progression that is used.  You start with a low bar/bench and step the height up for each set.  You go right from one height to the next with no/minimal rest, doing 8-12 reps per set.  If you have seen Metin’s arms, they are huge.  He obviously knows what he is talking about when it comes to tricep work.

Any way I did three rounds of the stairs, climbing three levels with each set. I felt like I had a baseball stuffed under my skin by the time I was done. My tri’s were spent.  Give it a try.