One famous strength exercise is the one arm push up.  I recall first seeing it in the original Rocky.  It is a move that I toyed with maybe once or twice eons ago.

A couple months ago one of the guys I subscribe to on YouTube, Neill, aka. InciteFitness posted a one arm push up tutorial.  Well for some reason last night I felt motivated to try to do one.  Well I didn’t review his video before giving it a try (he makes great tutorial videos).  The only thing I recalled from it was to make sure my legs were wide and that my ground hand should be farther forward than it should be for a regular push up.

Well as I lowered myself down it didn’t feel right, I collapsed onto the floor.  While lying on the floor I repositioned my right hand and pushed from a flat on the floor position.  I slowly was able to fully raise my body just using my right arm.  I tried to duplicate the same feat with my left arm and wasn’t able to do so.

Regardless of the arm used, the torque and strain I felt across my arm, elbow and back was EXTREME.  I was straining just about as hard as I can strain to lock it out.  It is the kind of exertion I could easily picture myself getting injured by.

I later reviewed his video again and would like to give it another shot.  I would think I have adequate chest/tri strength to at least knock out a few if I use better form.