Today as part of my workout I did bodyweight + pull ups and dips.  Wow did I struggle.  Either my bodyweight really jumped up over the holidays or I just really lost a lot of strength in those movements due to not adding weight to PU’s and dips for a long time.  It was a wake up call that I need to turn up the intensity as I round the corner into 2018.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

15 pull ups

Seated Cybex shoulder press – 100lbs x 10

Pull ups + 25lbs x 6

Seated Cybex shoulder press – 120lbs x 10

Pull ups + 5olbs x 2

Seated Cybex shoulder press – 140lbs x 10

Concentration dumbbell bicep curl – 25lbs x 12

Dips x 12

Concentration dumbbell bicep curl – 40lbs x 8

Dips + 40lbs x 6

Concentration dumbbell bicep curl – 50lbs x 5

Dips + 60lbs x 2