Today’s back/shoulder session was a little challenging because my lower back is still pretty jacked up from deadlifting on Tuesday.  Any movement that invovled bending down requires auxiliary support by one of my arms.  All things considered it worked out well.

I have a less than admirable trait where I can form a pretty strong opinion about someone very quickly without ever speaking a word to them.  Today was one of those days.  Some strong looking guy in his late 20’s/early 30’s wearing a tight red tank top and sporting Beats headphones (which is enough to make me dislike you on it’s own), sauntered into the free weight area.  His very first exercise was standing dumbbell bicep curls in which he admired his large but undefined arms with intensity.  All of this stuff however was not enough for me to generate a large amount of dislike for this person.

That happened later when I heard the sound of a water bottle dropping to the gym floor.  I look over and notice it is Beats wearing, mirror loving dude’s bottle.  I thought little of it, I guess he accidentally dropped it.  Well less than a minute later I heard it again.  I then kept the guy under light surveillance and saw that for some reason, despite the ability to do standing curls with 60 pound dumbbells, the effort to put his 8 ounce water bottle back on the floor after taking a drink was entirely too much to ask.  Instead after each set he would grab the bottle, take a swig like it was Jack Daniels and then drop it on the floor.

I tried to imagine what the purpose of this could be?  Does dropping the bottle mean you are really serious about your routine?  Does the sound of it hitting the rubber mats attract the glances of others so they can admire your tank top and Beats sound system or, are you just yet another Planet Fitness a-hole?  BINGO.

Welcome to the “Permanent Dislike Club” buddy.

Today’s Workout     

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Pull ups x 15

Seated dumbbell shoulder press – 40lbs x 12

Weighted pull ups – 25lbs x 5

Seated dumbbell shoulder press – 50lbs x 10

Weighted pull ups – 50lbs x 2

Seated dumbbell shoulder press – 70lbs x 5

Cybex seated front pull down – 160lbs x 10

Standing alternating dumbbell lateral raises – 20lbs x 12

Cybex seated front pull down – 200lbs x 8

Standing alternating dumbbell lateral raises – 25lbs x 10

Cybex seated front pull down – 260lbs x 4

Standing alternating dumbbell lateral raises – 30lbs x 8