So as I walked into the gym today, the day that renovations were supposed to be officially over, I saw a sign on the door that said from Tuesday through Thursday all free weights and most of the weight machines will be unavailable because they are replacing the flooring in those areas.  I found this mildly annoying.  The gym has been in various states of mess over the last 6 or 7 weeks but for the most part it was still usable.  To make the majority of the equipment unavailable for three days seemed pretty lame.  If it required that much work/time to replace the rubber flooringI would think a plan to lay out some extra bucks to have the work done outside of normal business hours would make more sense.  But what the hell do I know anyway?

So I bailed on dumbbell chest press halfway into my second set due to “why the f am I doing this” pain in the left shoulder.  Despite my body repeatedly telling me that it no longer wants to do conventional chest pressing movements my ego keeps telling me to trudge on, despite the consistent pain.  I wound up doing push ups and some other chest movements that did not make me feel like I was getting stabbed in the shoulder.  I need to stick with things that don’t hurt so things that do hurt have a chance to hopefully heal themselves.

As I was hitting the bathroom before I left one of the two urinals was occupied by an old man.  I noticed his right shorts leg was hiked up awkwardly.  From the rear it looked like a half wedgie.  As I assumed the position in the urinal next to him I realized what he was doing.  Instead of doing what I feel is the conventional method of urinal access with gym shorts, pulling down the elastic waist band, he instead had pulled out his old junk through the leg of his shorts and was relieving himself that way.  I’m not saying one way is necessarily logisitcally better than the other but I do think my method may look less confusing.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Pull ups x 15

Dumbbell chest press – 50lbs x 12

Dumbbell chest press – 65lbs x 5 (ouch)

Seated supinated front dumbbell chest raise – 25lbs x 10

Push ups x 25

Seated supinated front dumbbell chest raise – 30lbs x 8

Push ups x 25

Seated supinated front dumbbell chest raise – 35lbs x 6

Push ups x 25

Pec dec 110lbs x 10

Push ups x 25

Pec dec – 130lbs x 10

Dumbbell pull over – 50lbs x 10

Pec dec – 150lbs x 8

Dumbbell pull over – 60lbs x 10

Dumbbell pull over – 70lbs x 10

Pull ups x 10