One of the more annoying things you see at a gym are weight hoarders.  Those are the people that think it’s no big deal to collect and keep multiple sets of dumbbells/barbells with them.  Today was especially bad because there were three different people doing this, the worst offender being a young woman that had no less than four dumbbells and a barbell at her flat bench the entire time I was there.

I struggle to understand this behavior.  Is the reason to save you the arduous five step walk to and from the weight rack to retrieve or put back the weights?  Does having multiple dumbbells around portray the image of someone very serious about your workout?  Or maybe you are just an inconsiderate dummy?  Personally I lean towards option three.

I missed the gym yesterday because of work meaning I happily omitted leg day for this week.  My lower body is pretty beat up as is from my latest quest to learn how to ride my electric unicycle backwards.  Instead I did a standard bi and tri day.  For the first time in awhile I did bodyweight dips.  With my left shoulder issues, the movement has been painful to attempt.  It was painful again for several reps but eventually the pain dulled to the point where I could continue.  Dull pain is a win nowadays.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Strict pull ups x 15

Seated bicep curl 35lbs x 8

Bodyweight dip x 15

Seated bicep curl 45lbs x6

Bodyweight dip x 15

Seated bicep curl 50lbs x 4

Bodyweight dip x 15

Seated Cybex preacher curl – 70lbs x 10

Standing tricep push down – 75lbs x 10

Seated Cybex preacher curl – 70lbs x 10

Standing tricep push down – 90lbs x 8

Seated Cybex preacher curl – 90lbs x 8

Standing tricep push down – 105lbs x 4