Today I brought along my own dip belt for weighted dips.  Last week I tried to use the one the gym provides and it sort of sucks.  I managed to get a single 90 pound dip at the end of the workout which wasn’t bad considering I had pre-fatigued my triceps already.

Lately I have felt a little bit of that fire that helped me for many years achieve things out of my comfort zone.  I hope to leverage it more going forward.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

Overhead dumbbell tricep extension – 50lbs x 10

Seated alternating dumbbell curl – 25lbs x 10

Overhead dumbbell tricep extension – 65lbs x 8

Seated alternating dumbbell curl – 40lbs x 8

Overhead dumbbell tricep extension – 80lbs x 5

Seated alternating dumbbell curl – 50lbs x 3

Bodyweight dips x 15

Standing cable bicep curl – 80lbs x 10

Bodyweight dips + 45lbx x 7

Standing cable bicep curl – 90lbs x 10

Bodyweight dips + 70lbx x 3

Standing cable bicep curl – 100lbs x 8

Bodyweight dips + 90lbx x 1