I got in my run/ride brick today.  I was a little worried I might have an issue.  During the 16th and final lap of my Sunday run as I was rounding the second to last corner I felt/heard a crunch in my right knee followed by an odd sensation.  I kicked the leg out in stride and was able to finish the run.  Since my right knee has already been operated on twice and been problematic for the last 15+ years I was worried that could have been the beginning of another pain cycle.  The knee felt ok during the 2.13 miles on the treadmill thankfully although I am still waiting for these midweek runs to start feeling a little easier.

So after my brick I always shower as I am a sweaty, stinking mess.  I normally shower in the back corner stall.  Well when I went in there I looked repeatedly for a pile of shit to be hiding somewhere, it stank that bad.  On top of the stench, the hook for you to hang a towel on was broken off and the drain is slow so within 60 seconds you are standing in a pond.

I said F it and went across the hall to the handicap accessible shower.  Now I have a deep dislike of individuals that park in handicap spaces unnecessarily or illegally.  This left me somewhat conflicted about using the handicap accessible shower.  Now in the 5 or more years I have been coming to Retro I can count the number of times I saw someone in a wheelchair at the gym on one hand.  I have never seen one of these individuals use the shower so I felt pretty safe that I was not going to be neglecting a handicapped person of their ability to shower during the 5 minutes it took me.  Of course I would gladly give it up if someone of true need was there.  Hell I have NEVER had anyone else taking shower when I do.

The handicap shower actually was much nicer than the shit stall I vacated.  The drain worked, it had an intact towel hook and the shower head was detachable and on a hose instead of fixed, allowing me to clean more efficiently.  I tentatively plan to use this shower in the future as long as it is available, hopefully sans guilt.

Today’s Workout

Run/Ride Brick

20 minute run – 2.13 miles

10 minute ride – 3.18 miles