13620771_10154678705032841_2304125580242232058_nSo I planned to do a run/ride brick yesterday at the gym but totally forgot to bring my gear to do it so I did a lower body weight training session instead.  It was a very unimpressive session but it was leg work regardless.  I decided to do the brick today, doing it the day after leg day makes things a bit more challenging.  To add to the challenge, I also rode almost 8 miles last night on my Ninebot One.

So to the casual observer, riding an electric unicycle might at first glance seem like something that is not very physically demanding.  You just stand on the pedals and roll around, right?  Well perhaps if you tried this experiment you might understand better.  Take a round foam roller or even one of those pool noodles and lay it on the ground.  Then take a 12-18 inch piece of 2″ x 6″ wood and lay it across the top of roller perpendicularly.  Ok, now balance on it, for an hour.

The physics involved in riding the Ninebot are a little different but I can tell you after every ride my shirt is soaked and my lower body and core feel thoroughly spent.  Plus it’s a lot more fun than standing on a foam roller.

Today’s Workout

Run/Ride Brick

20 minute run – 2.15 miles

10 minute stationary bike – 3.15 miles