I went to our employee clinic regarding my popped and ringing ear.  She saw nothing obviously torn but referred me to an ear specialist so they can take a look, awesome.

I managed to forget my socks today, a pain in the ass for any gym day but especially on a day when you are planning to do a run/bike brick.  Even attempting a brick today was a mild accomplishment since I just ran three and a half miles with Cindy on Sunday and put in around 10 miles on my Ninebot One electric unicycle over the weekend. Surprisingly the lack of socks did not cause me as much discomfort as I expected.  I did not feel any new blisters form during either exercise.

So today’s awkward and ill timed transcript began as I was grinding out the last two minutes of my bike segment.  I was hunched over on my elbows, sweating profusely, and surely had no look on my face that would indicate I was interested in engaging in random conversation.  It didn’t matter, the man whose name rhymes with lemonade came out from behind the counter and begins. I did not have a tape recorder rolling so I will be paraphrasing a bit.

Him: Hey what did you hear about the kid that got shot at the Coastland Mall?

Me: I saw the headline, that’s it.

Him: I heard some kids were playing around and stuff.

Me: I don’t know, just saw the headline.

Him: Man it’s getting to be a crazy world.

Me: I think it already is a crazy world.

Him: Man everyone is going to need to carry a gun soon.  It’s crazy how some people want to take away your gun.

Me: Nobody is going to take away anybody’s guns.

Him: Did you hear how Obama wants to let illegal immigrants to vote??  He just wants to do that because he knows the immigrants are against the wall Trump wants to build.

Me: (Head shake and mumble)

So I finish my sweaty ride and he engages me again.

Him: So aren’t you a state trooper?

Me: No, I work at the tax collector office

Him: Oh man, that is why I was asking you all of that gun related stuff.  I thought you were a trooper.

Me: No dude, I don’t even own a gun.

Him: You might need to get one soon!

Me: (fake laugh) Yea, maybe.

Be sure to tune in for tomorrow’s episode.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Run/Ride brick

20 minute run – 2.14 miles

10 minute ride – 3.15 miles