__8440024[1]So I decided to jump back into endurance training with a gym brick of 20 minutes of running on the treadmill with a chaser of 10 minutes of riding a stationary bike.  I have not done this since I came back to Retro.  In the past I always treated endurance training and lower body strength work as being sort of mutually exclusive.  I felt that both activities had a negative effect on the other.  When I was at the height of my endurance fitness several years ago I did no lower body strength training at all and weighed in the low 170’s.

Well my hope is to not ignore lower body weight training but scale it back so it can be incorporated into my 5 day gym schedule.  Moderation in most things is the key to a balanced, successful outcome.  Of course I need to be very mindful of the ever growing possibility of injury as I continue to push my body to perform things it isn’t thrilled about as it approaches a half century of walking around the planet.

I also could not believe how much I sweated during the half hour brick, despite the gym air conditioning being in operational condition once again.  I looked like someone sprayed me with a fire hose when I was done.  Even with taking a cool shower it didn’t stop my body’s sweat reflex.  My fresh t-shirt was soaked through by the time I got back to the office.  I tried to counteract it best I could with my fan and a liberal dosing of talcum powder.

Today’s Workout

20 minute run / 10 minute ride

20 minute run – 2.13 miles

10 minute ride – 3.15 miles