227_2[1]Because of the short week I once again combined four body parts into one gym session, mixing together shoulder, bicep, tricep, and back, doing 3 sets of one exercise for each.  It isn’t an ideal situation but better than letting one or two of those body parts go unworked for two weeks.

Today there was a “clanger” at the gym.  It’s one thing if a guy is loud with a substantial amount of weight while deadlifting however this guy had 185 pounds on the bar which is pretty low end weight.  He was doing dead lifts on the hex bar which is even easier since the starting position is higher and your hands are in a neutral grip position.  After he received head turns and stinkeye from various gym goers including myself he seemed to make an effort to control the descent a bit more.

Hey if you are at a Crossfit gym where weight clanging is a badge of honor knock yourself out.  But in a “normal” gym, if I am in the middle of fighting through a one rep max rep on something and get distracted by your head rattling clanging it could have serious potential injury ramifications, both for myself and the clanger.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Seated bicep dumbbell curl – 25lbs x 12

Wall handstand push ups x 5

Seated bicep dumbbell curl – 40lbs x 10

Wall handstand push ups x 5

Seated bicep dumbbell curl – 50lbs x 4

Wall handstand push ups x 5

Cable machine lat pull down – 150 lbs x 10

Tricep skull crusher extensions – 60lbs x 10

Cable machine lat pull down – 180 lbs x 8

Tricep skull crusher extensions – 70lbs x 10

Cable machine lat pull down – 210 lbs x 6

Tricep skull crusher extensions – 80lbs x 8