Old-Castle-Steps-95[1]Today was supposed to be bicep/tricep day.  I could tell my right elbow still was going to be a problem so I instead decided to insert another stair climbing session in there.  I once again loaded up the Sears Tower as my climbing landmark of choice.

I stepped away at a 60-70 step per minutes pace for exactly 30 minutes which worked out to be just under 1800 steps which is 80% of the way to the top.  I again did the climbing totally free of auxiliary hand rail support.  I had a young woman get on the older stair climber next to me early on in the session.  Although she started out hands free within 2-3 minutes her hands were on the rails followed by her elbows a short while after that.  Stand on your own two feet damn it.

My shirt was drenched with sweat by the end of the half hour.  The fact that I took this on the day after a pretty challenging lower body workout gave me confidence that covering those last 500 steps to reach the top is an attainable goal.  It will just be a very sweaty and uncomfortable destination to reach.

Today’s Workout

Stairclimber – 30 minutes – 1793 steps climbed