maxresdefault[1]Today I did squats with another gym buddy I talk to pretty regularly.  He is about my height and a couple years younger but probably somewhere around 40 pounds heavier.  He played tight end in college and used to be VERY strong.  His years of playing football left him with various joint issues now but he still has good form in every lift he does, albeit with lighter amounts of weight.

I wound up squatting more reps at 185 pounds than I ever recall doing in my life, a total of 30.  I followed up with some deadlifting that left me walking out with a sore lower back but a sense of accomplishment.  We will see how accomplished I feel the next few days when the old man soreness rolls in.

I was able to get some tips along the way since my buddy has a similar body, at least in height and has had considerably more experience doing power moves.  I have a real hard time not getting some forward lean in my squats as I fatigue deeper into the sets.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio stretching

Barbell squat – 135lbs x 10, 185lbs x 8, 185lbs x 8, 185lbs x 8, 185lbs x 6

Barbell deadlift – 225lbs x 10, 315lbs x 3, 345lbs x 0, 335lbs x 1