hqdefault[1]It sounds like I made my exit from Planet Fitness just in time.  Joe the trainer who used to work at PF but now works at Retro said PF is planning to remove their two bench presses from the gym to further push the “no lunks, judgement free zone” mantra that I despise greatly.  That place really needs to get a clue.  They have the most hypocritical slogan I have ever been exposed to. They are “judgement free” as long as you follow their long list of rules and don’t plan on doing any of the best basic exercise movements out there. (squat, dead lift, bench press)

I decided on my lower body days I am going to alternate each week between doing squats and leg press.  When I did squats last week after doing leg press the week before I felt stronger.  I want to see if that trend continues.

So far the answer seems to be yes as my numbers on the Cybex squat press were as good as I can ever remember them being within the last decade, maxing out with three reps with 6 plates hanging off either side.  The most I ever recall pushing on any leg press machine was six plates plus a 25 on each side, maybe 15-20 years ago.  Much like last week, my lower body just felt more stable under the weight.   When I factor in that I ran four uncomfortable miles on Sunday it makes the numbers today seem even more shiny.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Cybex leg press – 225lbs x 10, 315lbs x 10, 405lbs x 8, 495lbs x 6, 585lbs x 3

Barbell deadlift – 225lbs x 10, 315lbs x 5, 345lbs x 1

Seated leg extension – 115lbs x 10, 145lbs x 8

Seated leg curl – 115lbs x 10, 145lbs x 6

Seated calf raise – 180lbs x 10, 225lbs x 8