thumb_COLOURBOX8355168[1] Today was a mediocre core session that was fronted with a set of 20 pull ups followed by 50 push ups.  I really should try to tack 20-25 dips on the back end as well.  As I was winding down the workout I did a weak L-sit off one of the benches.  Because I was already fatigued the exertion to even hold a poor L-sit for 10 second felt intense.  When I released it I felt light headed and dizzy.    Seeing stars and feeling fuzzy headed is something I have experienced before at the gym but it typically follows heavy squats or dead lifts, not a bodyweight movement.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

50 push ups

30 hanging knee raises

30 second one arm dead hang, both arms

60 second 6 inch floor leg raise hold

Cybex straight arm ab machine – 130lbs x 10

30 hanging knee raises

45 pound side raises x 10

Standing stiff arm trunk rotations x 20

10 second L-sit