am-fm-radio-headphones2[1]Today’s row/recumbent bike brick was broken up due to a power failure.  Somewhere around 7 minutes into my planned 20 minute rowing session the batteries in my portable radio died.  I stripped off the headphones and decided to row the last 13 minutes against a virtual 2:15 per 500 meter pace boat.  By the end of the session the pacer had dropped off the screen which was a nice virtual feather in my cap.

I got pretty dialed in in regards to exactly what I need to focus on when rowing to keep my pace up.  After the recoil I pushed out harder with my legs and then as soon as I felt resistance in my arms I pulled hard and consistently.  If I watched the slack and tension in the chain I was able to stay pretty steady with my speed which was around 2:10 on average.

Today’s Workout

Row/ride brick

20 minutes Concept 2 rower / 10 minutes recumbent bike