Concept2-Model-D-Indoor-Rowing-Machine[1]Today was a row/ride brick.  I notice if I want to keep my pace on the rower at or below 2:15 per 500 meters I need to pretty much exclusively stare at the little 4 inch by 4 inch display the entire time.  If I look anywhere else I routinely will lose 10 meters off my pace, even though it feels like I am pulling the same.  To stare at that little square for the majority of a 20 minute rowing session just is not much fun.  It did however result in me pulling the furthest amount of distance in recent memory.

I backed it up with a serious 10 minutes on the stationary bike where I maintained 19+ virtual mph for the first 8 minutes and 20-22mph during the last 2.

Today’s Workout

20 pull ups

Row/Ride brick

20 minutes Concept 2 rower – 4433 meters covered

10 minutes stationary bike – 3.16 miles covered