Concept2-Rowing[1]Today I did a rowing/riding training brick, opting to not run on my still aching right knee/leg like last week.  I did something a bit different on the rower today based on what I saw a guy doing the other day.  He was rowing with a slow recoil and definitive pause before pulling hard.  Despite the slow stroke rate the meter showed he was pulling at a 1:59 per 500M pace which is hauling pretty well.  I found this odd.

So today during my 20 minutes of rowing I broke it into 5 minute sections.  During the first 5 minutes I did my normal thing where there is no real slow down in motion.  I was averaging 31-32 strokes a minute and pulling somewhere around 2:20 500’s.

The next 5 minutes I used the slower recoil with a pause before pulling.  My stroke rate was only 23-25 but my 500 pace was 5-10 seconds faster then when I was pulling as I normally would.  I assume that when you have that slight pause before pulling your pull is harder and more explosive which results in an overall net gain, despite the slower rep pace.

Today’s Workout

Row/ride brick

20 minutes Concept 2 rower – 4361 meters covered

10 minutes stationary bike – 3.06 miles covered