Running%20man%20infographic%20CSS[1]So despite nursing a small limp walking into the office from the parking lot this morning I decided that my brick at the gym would include 20 minutes on the treadmill.  My hope is if I just keep running, even running poorly, eventually whatever in my knee/leg that has been causing me issues will smooth themselves out.  I know it isn’t a great plan.

At this point it feels like most of my issues are IT band related on my right side.  Quite often I can feel tightness on the outside of my right leg that starts around the hip and ends just below the knee which is textbook IT band.  If I can make myself roll it out on my sports roller on a regular basis it would help things I am sure.  My problem is I don’t do it enough, probably because it is extremely painful to do.

Even with my bad wheel, the 20 minutes on the treadmill felt slightly better than the session two weeks ago but nowhere near comfortable.  I decided to double up my suffering by adding 10 minutes of rowing after the run.  I was sucking major wind by the end of it.

Today’s Workout

Run/Row Brick

20 minutes treadmill running – 2.16 miles covered

10 minutes rowing – 2195 meters covered