machinerearlaterals_002[1]It’s nice having the extra time to workout instead of drive during my lunch hour.  I have been putting it to good use with more reps. I full stacked the Cybex overhead press machine today.  It’s fun that the stacks aren’t massive since PF caters to the casual crowd.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

18 pull ups

20 dips

Seated dumbbell curls – 25lbs x 12

Rotary overhead shoulder press – 80lbs x 10

Rear delt machine – 50lbs x 10

Standing one arm overhead tricep extension – 25lbs x 10 (both arms)

Seated dumbbell curls – 40lbs x 10

Rotary overhead shoulder press – 100lbs x 10

Rear delt machine – 70lbs x 10

20 dips

Seated dumbbell curls – 50lbs x 5

Rotary overhead shoulder press – 140lbs x 5

Standing cable tricep push downs – 130lbs x 10

Standing 1 arm dumbbell should shrugs – 60lbs x 12 reps (both arms)

Rear delt machine – 100lbs x 8