24bfa500c1c993c96014b18c0d1a8da9a9462cf73c4cc23a1f22803f785f3b24[1]I was very, very frustrated at the gym today. I’m frustrated with my inability to just do what I want and not have to worry about hurting myself or more specifically feeling irritation in the area where the sun doesn’t shine.

Today I did mostly lower body with some pull ups, bar dips and most stupid of all, one arm Australian pull ups.  The one hand movement without a doubt caused strain down there and it was moronic of me to even try it.

I just can’t help myself. So badly I want to return to the days of slow and steady improvement of my strength and skills.  Instead pretty much all of 2014 has been one big suckfest where all I have done is lose strength and endurance across the board as I try to tip toe through injury and the aftermath of my April GI illness that seems to have changed certain ways my body works in a permanent manner.

So anyway, the short term plan is all cardio, low strain movements until 2015 rolls around to see how things feel.  I have proclaimed before that I would stick to this plan and I find it challenging to do so.  An exercise routine that is heavily weighted in cardio is rather boring and does not provide the sense of accomplishment that moving your body against resistance does, at least for me.

So anyway, that’s the deal, I’m not even going to bother posting any specifics today.  It will only aggravate me further.