parking-tight+space[1]Although overall I am happy with my switch to the Wellness Center there are definitely some cons to working out there. These are becoming more glaring as snowbird season is now here.  Since the gym is located right by downtown Naples traffic is becoming more and more of an issue.  The streets are increasingly clogged with stiff necked, 10 mph under the speed limit driving, no depth perceiving old folks that can make the 4 mile drive pretty aggravating.

The parking situation in the garage can get annoying as well, to be more specific the people waiting for parking.  When I park, which is on the exiting side of the garage, I grab the first spot I see, regardless of how far out it is.  Well there has been a consistent increase in parking space mongering the last several weeks. Mongering is the behavior of waiting for a vehicle to pull out and blocking all vehicles behind you in the process.

Today I couldn’t believe it when an old fart waited for me to walk 50 yards to see if I was going to step into one of the vehicles in front of him so he could grab the spot.  As I walked past him I just shook my head in disdain as I looked at the 5 cars he was blocking behind him.  The scary thing is we aren’t even into the worst part of season yet.

My brick today once again substituted rowing for running.  I covered more distance this time than my last 20 minute session by a little over 100 meters so that is cool.  Although the total body workout with rowing feels far more beneficial than running, I still sweat more pounding away on the treadmill.  That being said I am becoming more and more of a rowing fan.  No impact, easier with some of my other “issues”, while working the upper and lower body at the same time.

Today’s Workout

Training brick

20 minutes Concept 2 Rower – 2579 meters covered

10 minutes recumbent bike level 8 – 2.70 miles covered