bruce-lee-dragon-flags[1]Today was just a mix of mostly core work.  I did 3 sets of dragon flags as part of the workout.  On my first set I only did 3 because my upper body was slipping on the damn plastic flooring that covers the Wellness Center.  On my next two sets I used a rubber mat which eliminated the sliding.  There is so much torque spread across your body while doing dragon flags that even a little slipping can screw things up.

My right shoulder is still injured although I was able to hold a 60 second wall handstand without any pain.  It’s when I ask the joint to move through range of motion while carrying a load that causes problems.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

20 hanging knee raises

3 dragon flags

45 second extended side plank (both sides)

20 p-bar  knee raises

5 dragon flags

60 second wall handstand

20 dowel rotations

20 hanging knee raises

5 dragon flags

unilateral standing 50 lb side raises

20 second full extension plank