functional-stupid[1]Today at the gym I witnessed one of those guys that took exercise creativity a bit too far ,where it crosses over into the kingdom of sillyness.  He was in front of a cable machine with a handle grip on it.  In front of the machine he placed a bosu ball, round part down.  He then stood on top of the bosu ball, found his balance, reached back and grabbed the cable handle which was attached to a very light stack of weight.  He then starting doing what you guess would call one arm standing fly reps while balanced on the bosu ball. It looked totally ridiculous and I can assure you it did very little to strengthen any portion of his body.

It was sort of like eating spaghetti while riding a skateboard.  Sure you can do it but what is the point?

My lower body workouts have been scaled back in intensity the last few weeks because of ancillary problems that keep popping up.  Instead of squatting I substituted some reps on the 40 degree leg sled.  After doing leg extensions, curls and calf work I wrapped up the session with 10 minutes on the rower.  Doing the rower after a lower body leg work makes it even more challenging.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Leg press – 225lbs x 10, 315lbs x 10, 405lbs x 8

Iso lateral leg extension – 60lbs x 10, 80lbs x 8 (each leg)

Kneeling leg curl – 60lbs x 10, 80lbs x 10 (each leg)

Rotary calf extension – 120lbs x 10

Rowing – 10 minutes – 2365 meters covered – 500 meter avg pace 2:00-2:10