article-0-0D53554600000578-652_306x423[1]Today at the gym was lower body day.  My upper body is quite sore from my pressing workout yesterday.  On my main blog I talked about some side effects I seem to have when I am doing exercises that are very strenuous.  It seems to sometimes aggravate “personal soreness” I have had off and on problems with for the last 7 months.  Yesterday after my strenuous workout that included a few red faced, barely could complete bench press reps I started to once again develop pain down there.  It’s maddening.

So a smarter person would probably just lay off the high exertion activities for a bit.  Unfortunately I often am not that person.  Instead I followed up today doing lower body work which again included some grunting 220lb reps on the squat machine.  When I finished I again could feel some irritation returning which this time I cut off at the pass with ointment.

I need to find a way to hit my exercise quota without inflicting collateral damage elsewhere.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio

Total body squat machine – 140lbs x 10, 180lbs x 10, 220lbs x 8

Iso leg extension with one sec pause at top – 50lbs x 10, 80lbs x 6 (each leg)

Iso kneeling leg curl – 50lbs x 10, 80lbs x 8 (each leg)

Seated calf raise – 135lbs x 12, 180lbs x 10, 225lbs x 6, 180lbs x 8

5 minutes A2G hold

45 second static pull up hold