tumblr_msf1ggIyQt1rkxks9o1_400[1]So I am on week two of my revised fitness program.  I think Cindy cutting down on meal portion sizes has already started to help.  I dropped a pound and a half last week without thinking about it.  On Sunday I did another track 5K at an 8:55 average pace, slow compared to what I’d like to do but faster than I have maintained in quite awhile and substantially faster than the 5K I just ran one week prior.

Today I super-setted bench pressing with pull ups.  Throwing the pull ups in there definitely knocks down my bench press endurance.  I again went no higher than 185 pounds with my reps. However overall it felt like a more effective total body workout than just all push.

On my last rep of my last set of incline bench press I came dangerously close to not being able to re-rack the weight.  My muscles seized and my field of vision shrunk as I channeled whatever energy I had left into getting the bar up to the hooks to avoid an embarrassing and awkward fail.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

18 pull ups

Barbell bench press 135lbs x 10

12 pull ups

Barbell bench press 185lbs x 8

10 pull ups

Barbell bench press 185lbs x 6

10 pull ups

Barbell bench press 185lbs x 6

10 pull ups

Incline barbell bench press 135lbs x 10

10 pull ups (had to drop off and regrip for reps 9&10)

Incline barbell bench press 155lbs x 8

4 minutes A2G hold