indexSo when I am in the middle of a cardio session that is difficult I find myself very easily perturbed.  Today as I was doing the treadmill portion of my lunchtime brick this was once again the case.   When I started there was somebody on the treadmill behind me that squealed something awful. (the treadmill not the person)  Now of course it is not the runners fault that the treadmill made this noise however there were at least 25 other empty treadmills available, I’m sure more than a few didn’t squeal.  Luckily it just became background noise eventually.

Unfortunately there was another, much more annoying gym patron there on another treadmill to my right.  They way most treadmills are designed the front of the belt is covered by a plastic lead edge that keeps feet away from the motors and other internal parts of the machine.  Once in awhile if you are not paying attention you could hit that front plastic part with your foot if you were running too far forward on the belt.

Well evidently this man either lacked the physical coordination to keep himself centered on the running surface or he just liked being an annoying asshole.  Every 5 or 6 seconds you would hear four or five bangs as he hit the plastic with his sneaker.   This went on for at least 10 minutes until he thankfully stepped off his treadmill.  It was incredibly annoying and continued despite my shooting him some stinkeye across the gym floor.  Idiot.

My brick went relatively well although my return to the gym this week after a two week layoff meant I was carrying some additional muscle soreness into today’s session.

Today’s Workout

18 pull ups

Run/Bike brick – 20 minute run @ 1% incline – 2.17 miles covered – 10 minute bike @ level 6 difficulty – 2.71 miles covered

10 pull ups