sweaty-male-athlete-300x198[1]Doing my cardio brick the day after doing squats and deadlifts is never much fun.  Perhaps that is why I choose to do it.  It’s been my experience in my 25 years of adult exercise that the more often you put yourself in an uncomfortable, challenging and difficult position the greater reward you will reap down the line.

After I was done I was a disgusting, sweaty mess so I quickly utilized the country club level locker room facilities at the Wellness Center to at least wash of some of the stink.  Unfortunately on brick days, if I throw a shower in there, there is no way my lunch “hour” can take any less than 75 minutes.  Thankfully my boss gives me some exercise time leeway.

Today’s Workout

Run/Ride brick

20 minute run – 2.20 miles covered

10 minute stationary bike ride – 2.56 miles covered