69[1]The Wellness Center has an interesting squat machine that I wanted to try out.  It is named the “Freemotion”.  Since today was squat/dl day I figured it was good as time as any, especially since some gym novice was again curling in the squat rack.

I have done standing squat machines in the past and have liked them.  Having the weight distributed perpendicularly across my shoulders is just more comfortable and with their design you can lock your body into the platform and push hard without jeopardizing your back.  Yes, I realize that from an overall body benefit a real barbell squat will always be better but this is a nice change of pace.

The machine is a bit odd and progressively more difficult to get started as you jack up the weight.  The reason it is it has a one way safety.  When start your reps your initial descent has no weight at all, you are simply clicking through the various detentes on the safety.  Only once you start to press up does the safety lock in, suddenly placing the entire weight load on you, which you must press up from a dead stop starting at the bottom.

It wasn’t a big deal when I had 140 pounds on the machine.  When I had 240 pounds on the machine it was a much bigger deal.  I had to start up one hole higher at the heavier weights or I would stall out.  It felt like a very effective machine effort-wise.  I’ll have no problem hopping on there if the lone squat rack is occupied in the future.

There is another nice thing about NCH that I have forgotten to mention.  Each side of the gym has a large, easy to read digital clock complete with seconds, meaning timing your rest periods, static holds and timed circuits are all much easier to do, not requiring me to bring in an auxiliary timing device.

I cut my DL reps a bit short due to a few callouses on my hands starting to tear off.  My 1000 pull up series (which I did another 60 reps for last night) is doing a number on my hands.

I’m still feeling very rushed on my workouts, I need to use smaller rest periods than I have become accustomed to.  It would be a good thing anyway to pump up intensity.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Squat machine – 140lbs x 10, 180lbs x 8, 220lbs x 4, 240lbs x 3

Barbell deadlift – 225lbs x 10, 315lbs x 5, 335lbs x 3

Split leg curl with 1 sec pause at top – 50lbs(per leg) x 12, 60lbs(per leg) x 10

4 minutes A2G hold