hqdefault[1]So I returned from my 4 day trip to Pennsylvania with about the same nighttime body weight I have been lugging around for a few weeks at 186-187 pounds.  I have decided I am officially unhappy with my overall fitness level at this number.   Yes I feel like I can handle larger amounts of weight doing movements like squat and deadlift with a higher bodyweight but as a whole I like the way I feel, look and perform with less LBS hanging off my lanky frame.

My calisthenic core movements like dips, pull ups and push ups have all suffered with the additional weight and my endurance training just never feels comfortable anymore.  The difference in doing these type of activities with 17 extra pounds strapped on is pretty drastic.

To combat my girth I want to incorporate more circuit type work at the gym.  I started yesterday with an untimed 15/10/20 Rays Way.  I was sucking wind so hard after the third set it was pathetic.

If I am to analyze why I weigh 10% more than I did a year or two ago I would have have to point the finger mostly at “fat and happy” syndrome, a trap I used to regularly chastise others for falling into.  The symptoms are when you see people get into a relationship and are so “happy” they no longer give a fck about their physical appearance.  Now of course I am nowhere near fat status and obviously I care greatly about maintaining my physical appearance, but still 10% is 10%, a significant change in bodyweight.

Being in a healthy relationship has definitely taken an edge off my inner training partner whom used to scream at me on a regular basis. He fed off some of my inner frustrations and anger over other aspects of my life.  Nowadays there is very little inner screaming going on which definitely contributes to lower drive and intensity during workouts.  Plus the fact that my girlfriend is a fantastic cook and baker hasn’t helped much either although I love consuming her food.

LSITThere is no doubt that when I was walking around at 170 pounds I looked sickly and gaunt although from a calisthenics and endurance training aspect I was in the best shape ever.  I’d like to somewhat split the difference, rolling around at 178-179 pounds while maintaining my current strength levels.  Getting there hopefully will only require a little less desert,  smaller portions, and pushing the fitness envelope more with circuit training, cardio and higher bodyweight reps to carve away the unwanted pounds.

Today at the gym I sandwiched squats in between alternating small sets of pull ups and push ups. The highlight was doing my first real deep, in the bucket rep with 225 lbs across the shoulders.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Barbell ITB squats – 135lbs x 10, 185lbs x 6, 205lbs x 3, 225lbs x 1, 135lbs x 10

Pull up/push up mini-sets totaling 60 pull ups and 120 push ups