344477-24111-28[1]So on Tuesday I did my deadlifts and squats at the gym.  My effort level felt pretty high but I don’t recall doing anything that felt painful.  In fact Tuesday evening I went home and did this month’s BB challenge which is 50 push ups, 30 dips and 20 pull ups for time.  During that challenge I really struggled to get the last few push ups out but again I don’t recall a moment where I said “ouch”.

Well Tuesday night as I was sitting on the couch I started to develop some sharp pain in my abs.  My first thought was it was something GI/food related, based on my week long bout with stomach flu symptoms a little while ago.  However the pain intensity changed based on my body position.

Tuesday night I had a rough night of sleep.  The pain was so severe that it woke me up out of my sleep.  The only position that was tolerable was flat on my back with my upper body slightly elevated.  When I got up that morning it was brutal.  If I moved the wrong way my body would involuntarily wince from the pain in my abs.  I immediately downed two Advil which took the edge off the pain.  The fact the the Advil helped made me pretty sure I was dealing with some sort of abdominal strain.

I had to pop another set of aspirin mid-day Wednesday but have been able to go med free since then.  I still have pain in the area but it is tolerable.  I’m not sure what I exactly did to cause the problem although the combo of the 355 pound deadlift with the challenge attempt after work surely would seem to be the culprit.

The pain has gimped my workouts the last two days.  On Wednesday I just did 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio. Today I did bicep and tricep work but again tried to be sure to not do anything that fanned the flames of ab pain.  I just love being old.  Did I mention Cindy pulled a 3 inch hair from the middle of my forehead last night?