hqdefault[2]Today at the Gym – another fashion statement was spotted.  This guy was wearing a tight, white, short sleeve undershirt with a pair of designer jeans,a loud gold chain, and tan shoes.  If his gym attire wasn’t odd enough already, the exercise he was doing completed the imagery.

He had one of those 10 pound medicine ball looking things with handles.  He had his legs wide and bent, almost like a batting stance.  He had the ball in front of him as he began to swivel back and forth, back and forth as he leaned slightly forward.

Periodically he would change his position in respect to the mirror, a few swivels facing it, a few swivels with the right leg leading a few with the left….  The exercise looked tremendously ineffective.

It was another less than stellar gym session for myself.  All week I have felt like I was running with a small parachute dragging behind me. On the plus side. I got up and over the bar for the first time since my illness, completing a total of three muscle ups during my mostly ab/core focused workout.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

10 high pull ups

40 push ups

10 barbell wheel roll outs x 3 set (normal, wide, close hand position)

3 sets x 20 reps hanging knee raises

Muscle ups 3 sets x 1

5 minutes A2G hold