ELALS-stretch-elbow[1]So today I was at the doctor and somehow we got on the subject of Crossfit.  My doctor was talking about her husband and how he has poor elbow flexibility from a car accident years ago.  She demonstrated how he couldn’t touch his shoulder with his hand by bending the elbow.

Well of course I had to immediately try this.  I first used my right arm, I was able to perch my fingers on top of my shoulder no problem.  I then tried to do the same maneuver with my left hand.  My fingers stopped dead in their tracks an inch or two away from the shoulder, wtf….

I never realized I had poor elbow flexibility on my left side.  When trying to determine why that is the only thing I could come up with is an old pitching injury.    Perhaps when it healed up over 25 years ago it did so in a manner that made the joint tight and I never bothered trying to stretch it.  Now that I know I am gimped in this manner I will try to add an elbow stretch to my 5 minute cardio/stretching routine.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

10 high pull ups

Standing Fat Grips alternating bicep curls – 25lbs x 12, 40lbs x 8, 50lbs x 3

supersetted with bodyweight tricep extensions three sets of 10 reps

Standing one arm side cable machine curls – 30 lbs x 10, 40lbs x 10

supersetted with 10 reps normal width bar dips, 8 reps close width bar dips

6 minutes of A2G squat hold mixed in