tumblr_ln76a6RYdO1qdcvmc[1]Today was shoulder day more or less but I added a full body movement in as well, Turkish Get Ups.  This is a movement I remember playing with once or twice before many years ago.  It is ideally performed with a kettlebell but since my gym doesn’t provide any I used a plain old dumbbell.

I wasn’t really sure what weight to start at so I grabbed a 35 pounder.  Well it became obvious this was too ambitious for just starting out.  I dropped down to a more manageable 25 pound weight.  The object of the movement is to go from flat on the floor on your back to standing while holding the weight extended over your body the entire time.

It sounds simple but in practice it’s quite difficult.  I did alternating sets of three with each arm and was struggling, especially after yesterdays deadlifting session.

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Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio

Straight arm lateral front/side raises 12 x 15 lbs, 10 x 20 lbs, 10 x 20lbs (palms forward)

60 second belly to wall handstand hold x 3

Turkish Get ups – 3 sets of 3 reps each side with 25 lb dumbbell