Novack_2_Defeated_Boxer[1]So I went in today’s workout with my Iphone in hand, hoping to take a legit shot at a Ray’s Way at my next progression, 16 dips, 9 pull ups and 21 push ups.  I had done an untimed set last week and it felt like it went reasonably well.

Well this did not go reasonably well.  In fact it went shitty.  I cut the attempt at the knees after push up number SEVEN in ROUND THREE.  I didn’t even try to save face by completing the reps in an untimed manner.  I just said “fck it”, bailed on the attempt and went and did something else.

Ray’s Way is very much a mental test for me.  If my reps start feeling too tough, too early I find lately it just wrecks me mentally which of course leads to physical epic fails like today.  In this latest example, I came unraveled when I started one repping my dips in set 3 after doing the first 10 consecutively.

When I stopped after 7 push ups it wasn’t because I couldn’t go on, it was because mentally I felt I had no shot to complete all 5 rounds so I gave up.

This phenomena has been happening to me more often recently and I am not happy about it at all.  I can’t quite identify the reason for it.  Perhaps it is the big nasty full moon in the sky right now that likes to f with my moods on a monthly basis.  Maybe it is some left over fatigue from the 30 mile bike ride I did yesterday.

Or maybe, it is just my mental toughness isn’t quite so tough anymore.

After my Rays Way fail I just went back to the Smith machine and alternated between front and back lever holds with varying degrees of tuck and duration.  Big woop.