So I haven’t done any squatting or deadlifts for going on three weeks since I skipped them the week prior to the Tough Mudder and once again the week after because of Mudder injuries.  I didn’t really know what to expect today.

Well when I started my light 135 pound squats I immediately noticed an odd sensation on my left inner, rear thigh at the bottom of the squat.  It just felt like something was slightly pulled and aggravated.  The discomfort radiated a bit into my man parts as well which is never a feeling I am looking for.

When I upped the weight to 185 the discomfort amplified several times over, enough that I re-racked after only one rep.  It felt like some sort of cross between a groin issue and a hernia.  So I was done with squatting for the day however I still wanted to try deadlifts, the motion is different, not requiring the same sort of deepness as a squat.

On my set of 10 reps at 225 I felt the same sensation on the first couple reps but after that it faded away and stayed that way until I finished up, which surprised me.  I was also surprised that despite the 3 week lay off I was able to pull 315 for 5 reps for 3 sets.  Each set I banged out all 5 reps with no pause and regrip.

I’m hoping the discomfort I felt was just a little twinge that worked itself out once I got more warmed up.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

15 prisoner squats

135 pound squat – 10 reps

185 pound squat – 1 rep (hurt)

225 pound deadlift – 10 reps

275 pound deadlift – 5 reps

315 pound dealift – 3 sets – 5 reps

Leg extension – 110 pounds – 12 reps  – 150 pounds – 10 reps

Seated leg curl – 130 pounds – 10 reps

Standing calf raise – 295 pounds – 8 reps