1377090_10152543354282841_582820773_n[1]On Sunday I once again tried to complete a 10 mile run which mentally I see as a requirement for doing the Tough Mudder.  Last week you may recall I tried to get 10 miles in around a 400 meter track and cried “uncle” after 7 miles, feeling miserable in the hot sun.

To combat that this time around we started much earlier, taking our first strides about 6:40 AM.  To combat boredom we did a 10K loop around the outside of the local park and then two 2 mile loops inside of it.  Although I was still drenched from head to toe because of the high humidity, overall I felt much better than the week before.   We completed the 10 miles and I now can officially declare myself ready for the Tough Mudder November 2nd.

Today at the gym I resumed my new Monday tradition, pushing my comfort zone with a Rays Way.  You may recall last week was the first time I completed the circuit within the time parameters, with 10 seconds to spare.  Today I had 15 seconds left but my pecs literally felt like they were on the edge of collapse with my final rep.  I also did all sets on the assist machine which is slightly more difficult because of the energy absorbing tendencies of both the pull up “bar” and the flip out dip handles.

So the good news is I completed the set two consecutive times.  The bad news is this means I have to up the reps next time.  Ray says to up everything by 2 reps.  I am using old man rules and increasing them by one. 🙂

There is a point in Rays Way that I dread, it is the 15 seconds remaining mark of rest period 4.  By that time you are panting pretty hard as set 4 is tough.  Your body feels like it needs more rest but with only 15 seconds to go, you need to get your ass up on the dip bars and ready to go.  Knowing that 3 sets of pain await (especially the dips and push ups) is a feeling that I do not enjoy.  That is exactly why it is good to face that feeling again and again and again.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Ray’s Way – 5 rounds of 15 dips, 8 pull ups, 20 push ups 3 minute work rounds, 2 minute rest periods