Today I wanted a full test of the durability of my cut finger.  I figured what better way to do it than with a Rays Way circuit?

I chose to do an untimed variety but I made sure to keep my pace on par with the 20 minutes you normally get to complete all 5 rounds.  I felt pretty good through out and not one drop of blood was spilled.

This was also the first workout in the last three days where I didn’t do anything at the gym that reintroduced a limp to my stride.

I usually reserve funny/annoying gym sightings for my main blog, but I might as well share one here.  Today one of the in house “trainers” at the gym had an older woman as a client.  If I were to guess, the woman was probably in her early to mid-60s.  For her age she appeared to be in decent shape.

I had to shake my head when the trainer had this woman doing balance squats on an upside down bosu.  The brilliant trainer had set the bosu about 18 inches in front of a free standing speed bag/heavy bag rig.  The trainer faced her client towards the contraption and stood 6 feet away as she watched the old lady do shaky reps with her body pitched precariously forward.

The other in house trainer pays similar levels of attention to his clients.  I often see him f’ing on his phone while the person that is paying large amounts of money for his “expertise” is doing exercises using improper and even dangerous form.




Today’s Workout

Untimed Ray’s Way

5 rounds of:

15 bodyweight dips

8 pull ups

20 push ups

All reps utilizing full rom