lou-dlToday’s workout – 5 minute cross trainer warm up with forearm stretching, quad and hamstring stretches.

Squat – 135×12, 185×10, 205×5

DL – OG 235×10, 285×5, MG 315×3

Leg ext – 130×12

Leg curl 130×12

This was the first time I ever deadlifted in my socks.  The sneakers I normally wear to the gym are probably the absolute worst kind you could use to dead lift, running sneakers.  The angle running sneakers puts your feet at and the additional cushioning does nothing but make dead lifting more difficult, especially at heavier weight. It introduces instability to your platform.

My deadlifting hero IronLoo always dead lifts in socks so that is good enough for me.

I was surprised how much better I felt pulling the heavier weight sans-sneakers.  The additional stability made the 5 reps at 285 pounds and the 3 reps at 315 feel much better than before.  I again tried to be more conscious of my form although I still have not gotten it on video for public examination.

I plan to go shoeless in all my dead lifts from here on out.  Any search will tell you it is the way to go.

Last night I took another shot at the hard mode of the BB forum challenge.  I felt like I went considerably faster than my first attempt but it only turned out to be a one second improvement.  Still, 20 pull ups in 30 seconds is not bad for an old timer. 😉