Todays workout – Leg press 225×10, 405×10, 495×8 – felt tweak in left hamstring on this set, DL (all overhand grip)- 135×10, 185×10, 235×5, 285×3 – weight was kept low in an attempt to work on form (described more below)  Leg extension with pause at top position  115×10, 145×8 Leg curl 115×10, 145×8.

So after watching a few Scott Herman videos on dead lifting, I determined I have really poor form, especially once the weight goes up.  It seems like once I hit around 225 and up I use progressively more lower back, no matter how much I try to correct it.

I tried to utilize some of the tips I found in his videos such as having my feet a little closer together with toes pointed somewhat outward and having the starting position of the bar be the middle of your feet and then bending your legs  to the point where your shins touch the bar.  I tried keeping my head position more neutral and think about driving my hips forward to lift the weight.

The one tip I did forget about was creating an internal “weight belt”. You do this with your core by taking a deep breath, holding it and tensing up your abs before pulling.

But it still feels like once the weight gets heavy I turn the lift more into a Romanian stiff legged lift instead of a dead lift. I can’t seem to get away from that feeling of being bent too far over with heavy weight, causing me to compensate with my lower back.

There are only two ways I can imagine this getting better.  I either start recording my dead lift reps so I have a visual reference or I have someone that knows good dead lifting form watch me and offer tips on the spot.