I haven’t been posting much on here much recently, I am however doing nearly daily workout updates on the Dufisthenics FB feed.  It would be nice if I could post the daily workout here and have it post to the FB page automagically but I haven’t found a way to get WP to post to my FB group, only my personal FB feed.  I need to look into it more. ( I may have just found the answer)

I also added better integration of my FB and YouTube feed to the site, click on the menu items above to check them out.

I started posting daily lunch time workouts in the hope it would give others some ideas for their workouts just as I get ideas from seeing other people’s routines.

Yesterday my routine was definitely outside of the box.  My gym was closed due to some construction on the plaza where it resides.  I decided to do something unconventional, work out in a parking garage.

I headed over to the near by garage and walked the ramps up to the 4th level which is mostly empty of vehicles.  My plan was to do a simple but challenging work out.

I would do 10 push ups followed by 10 air squats which would equal one set.  The goal was to go for 30 minutes, completing as many sets as possible.

I was not alone in utilizing the parking garage for exercise.  There was a woman running the outer perimeter of the same level for laps.  I asked her if she knew how far one lap around was.  She didn’t know on a per lap basis but she did know that 20 laps around equals about 3.8 miles.

It didn’t take long for the 90 degree temperatures with high humidity to make it’s presence know on my t-shirt which quickly became soaked with sweat.  Every 5 sets I would take a few sips of water and take a slightly longer break than I would between other sets.

I worked pretty quickly, only pausing after the air squat part of the set.  As soon as I got the 10th push up I stood up and went right into squatting.  The push ups of course took more of a toll than the squats, even so I made a point that every push up was chest to ground with a full extension at the top.  I also made every set non-stop, meaning no pausing for rest in top plank position.

A weird thing happened which has happened to me before when doing very high repetition work, you get a second wind.  Somewhere around 100 push ups I was feeling pretty beat already, skeptical of how I was going to keep going.  However by the time I was at 200 reps I was still firing off reps at a fast pace, perhaps even faster than when I first started.

I was very happy with my end result, netting 31 sets in 30:06 which equated to 310 push ups and air squats.  I was drenched for my efforts but hardly cared as I walked back down to ground level.  I exceeded the upper limit of what I thought I could do (30 sets). My energy level was empty but my satisfaction level was topped off to the brim.