So as I mentioned before, I have been including dead lifts as part of my weekly routine for awhile.  Last week was the first time since I resumed where I did slightly less reps or weight than the prior session which was disappointing. Today I wanted to get the ball rolling back in the positive direction.  I cut back my warm up squat reps a bit to try to have more gas for dead lifts.

At 315 I squeezed out two reps but nearly dropped the bar.  The overhand grip I have been using was being stretched to it’s limit.  I have been wanting to stick with overhand grip as much as possible to maximize grip strength benefit.  After the close call and catching my breath I switched to mixed grip and pulled 315 again.  That took care of the grip issue and I could concentrate on the tremendous strain I felt across my lower back instead.  🙂

I said what the hell, let’s try 325.  Moving the weight was very tough.  It feels like I lose any semblance of good form once the weight numbers get big (for me)  I was able to lock it out.  The mixed grip at least felt rock solid.  I stood upright with the weight for a good 5 seconds before slowly dropping it to the floor.

So that’s officially a new dead lifting PR although it would have been sweeter if I was able to hang on to it with an overhand grip.  I really need to shoot some reps on video to see just how bad my form gets at 300 pounds plus.

I have not been real happy with the consistency or progress of my training recently.  I sort of feel like I am treading water.  Part of it is due to the never ending nagging injuries that seem impossible to escape at my age.  There is never a time where at least one of my joints are not giving me problems.

Periods where other responsibilities take over retard my progress as well as lack of motivation occasionally.  Sometimes when I get home I just want to veg once in awhile, believe it or not.  🙂