So the calendar has flipped once again meaning it was time to come up with another monthly challenge for the Bar-barians forum.  I have been either really lazy or really busy recently, not putting any thought into new challenges until the new month is upon us.  Luckily I have a little text file stowed away where I record challenge ideas that come to me or that are suggested to be harvested at a later time.  Such was the case this month.

This month’s challenge is called Double Duty and pulls from stuff I have seen Kalosthenos and LWT do as well as the 50-50-50 I used to do pretty regularly.

I did the normal mode of the challenge last night, it was a bit tougher than I expected.  By the end of the 6:30 I was breathing quite hard.

I also shot a brief demo video for Hard and Bar-baric mode although I mixed up the exercise order for a proper LWT attempt.

All three modes are going to be quite challenging for different reasons.

The challenge thread on the forum can be seen here.

Come join the fun.