My Dufisthenics page on FB recently crossed the 100 likes threshold.  Evidently Facebook is trying to promote their paid ad service and as a result presented me with a code worth $50 in FB credits.  I was skeptical about the effectiveness of such an ad, but if they were going to let me try it for free I figured I had nothing to lose.  I set up my ad and launched a 5 day campaign, budgeting $10 per day.

Well to say the least, I was quite surprised by the response.  With one day left in my ad campaign I have more than doubled the amount of people that “Like” the page.  Needless to say I am now a FB ad believer.

So anyway, if you are new to the site, this is where I talk about my success, failure and challenges related to using primarily body weight exercise to maintain my fitness level at currently 45 years of age.  I have built my own little bar park in my back yard over the last couple years which currently includes an 8 foot high pull up bar, a set of parallel bars and most recently an 11 foot high bar that is used primarily as a mounting point for gymnastic rings.   There are links in the top menu that talk about my bar park and how I built the equipment.

I am active with the NYC based Bar-barians fitness group and manage most of the monthly fitness challenges that are posted on the site. I started doing body weight work outs as part of my fitness routine back in 2007, starting with the “300 work out” .  Nowadays my workouts consist almost exclusively of body weight exercises.  I have found that this kind of work provides me with real functional strength as well as keeping my physical appearance as good as it has ever been in my life.


I don’t portray myself as any sort of expert in the field.  I simply try to honestly relay my personal experiences in calisthenic/bar based exercise. My hope is that somewhere among the pages others can cherry pick information that helps them on their own personal path to fitness.

If you happen to find some of the stuff I write interesting, you may also be interested in my personal blog, that I have maintained for over a decade.